Residents of Apolline going home sooner than predicted

Reconstruction work at the ill-fated Jardins d’Apolline is being completed ahead of schedule and residents are moving back months ahead of time. 


According to a recent Monaco Matin report, the residents of the state-owned Jardins d’Apolline in the Condamine will slowly but surely be able to return to their homes. The first wave is set to be completed by 17th September, which the Minister of State in charge of the living environment and relations with users, Albert Croesi, says is three months ahead of schedule.

The second will quickly follow with a completion date set for early November, two months ahead. The last two apartment blocks are set to be completed by the end of 2020.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the necessity for these total reconstructions lay in the initial works. A defective plumbing system was reportedly to blame, leading to the temporary rehousing of many tenants.

According to the report, every aspect of the flats has been revamped, not just the plumbing issues. New floors, electricity and sanitation systems are also part of the remodel, as well as certain custom features and refits, as requested by individual tenants, such as swapping out bath tubs for stall showers.