Monaco rejects UK extradition request


A former executive at Monaco-based Unaoil will not be extradited to the UK to face corruption charges, according to a report by MLex, the reputable media outlet specialising in financial coverage.

A court official allegedly told MLex that Prince Albert rejected a request by UK fraud prosecutors to extradite Saman Ahsani, Unaoil’s former commercial director, following an “adverse opinion” from Monaco’s Court of Appeal. The ruling can’t be appealed, a court official said.

The allegations against Mr Ahsani were not liable for criminal prosecution under Monaco’s laws at the time they were alleged to have occurred, the official added. The decision was made on February 28, but had not been made public until now.

Mr Ahsani has not been charged with any offence and has denied wrongdoing.

The UK had opened a criminal probe into Unaoil to investigate suspected bribery, corruption and money-laundering two years ago following allegations in the Australian press.


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