IM2S and Monegasque Cycling Federation sign partnership

The Institut Monegasque de Médecine du Sport (IM2S) has signed an accord with the Monegasque Cycling Federation to handle treatment of their athletes.

Stéphane Bermon, sports doctor at IM2S and president of the Monegasque Cycling Federation, Umberto Langellotti, recently entered into a partnership whereby the IM2S is the primary caregiver to the federation’s cyclists. The agreement covers professional cyclists as well as those in line to become pros.  

The primary objective is to guarantee and coordinate urgent medical needs as well as follow-up treatments for the athletes. As specialists in osteo-articular and ligament surgeries, as well as being experts in sports medicine in general, IM2S is uniquely poised in the Principality to assist and aide cyclists who become injured.