Wounded heroes return to Monaco

Photo: supportingwoundedveterans.com
Photo: supportingwoundedveterans.com

The charity Supporting Wounded Veterans is holding a special Quiz Night on Thursday June 8 at Stars’n’Bars.

Ten British wounded veterans will participate in the evening, which starts at 7 pm with welcome drinks on the Star Deck, followed by the Quiz with Peter Mackley as emcee. At 9:30 pm there will be an auction and veterans will share their stories.

Organiser Rachel Dickens, told Monaco Life, “These are British veterans all injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have visible injuries, one is an amputee, two are blind, while others have less visible injuries, like PTSD and nerve injuries.

“I think it’s important that we remember the debt we owe to these young men and women who now have life changing injuries that will be with them forever.”

The veterans, who are looking forward to their visit to Monaco, have all been through all or some of the Supporting Wounded Veterans programme, that is, they have been on a Ski Week, have benefited from having a mentor, and some have attended its Pain Clinic programme.

As Ms Dickens pointed out, “In the UK, we do so many charity events for these soldiers but here we are so far removed from their issues. So by bringing them here and meeting people we hope to address that. The charity that this is for now has four mentors from Monaco who contact their veteran even week and mentor them back into work or training or setting up their own business.”

There are only two table left for Thursday’s Quiz Night. Tickets, €100 per person, include unlimited food and drinks until 10 pm. Contact Rachael Dickens to reserve a table: 06 22 35 24 58.



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