Work completed on new Labour Law

The Department of Social Affairs and Health has completed its study into night-tie work. Although the results of consultation with various organisations have not been announced, a new law is planned taking into account the views expressed.

In addition to the Directorate of Labour, the Directorate of Legal Affairs, and the Office of Occupational Medicine, the Hotel Industry Association of Monaco, the Federation of Monaco Enterprises, the Union of Trade Unions of Monaco, the Federation of Employees’ Unions of Monaco, and the SBM were also consulted.

A bill of nearly 25 articles has been drafted, which the Department describes as a complete and coherent legal framework.

Didier Gamerdinger

The proposed provisions include several significant advances for employees, while avoiding the complexity and burden that Monaco’s companies would have had difficulty taking into account.

Mr Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, said that the draft text is the result of the search for a fair and equitable balance.