Work begins at Jardins d’Apolline, all residents to be reinstated by end of 2020

Photo: Charly Gallo/DC
Photo: Charly Gallo/DC

Albert Croesi, Head of Mission to the Minister of State in Operation Apolline, announced Monday morning the installation of the construction site to begin work at Jardins d’Apolline.

Starting this week, fences have begun to be put up behind the buildings. In a few days, a crane will be placed on the forecourt between the AS Monaco Football Store and Snowflake bookstore, and the pedestrian path will be built.

“The duration of the works is estimated at 36 months with a reinstatement date of all residents in their apartment set at the end of 2020. But everything will be done to reduce this delay,” said Mr Croesi, recalling that the state has made every effort to ensure that residents have been relocated in the best possible conditions and without impacting Engelin apartments.


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