Women’s choral ensemble tonight in Monte-Carlo

Les Choraline 06
Les Choraline 06

The Monaco Priory of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, which was instituted in December 2014, is hosting a special concert Saturday at Saint Paul’s Church, featuring the women’s choral ensemble, Les Choraline 06.

The Ensemble Vocal Féminin choir began four years ago in Nice on the initiative of Isabella Baicchi, a lyricist and soprano artist, and in 2015 it became the Association Les Choralines 06, a non-profit organistation, or Loi 1901 as its referred to in France, headed by Silvana Sideri.

In addition to the choir’s main focus on the promotion of music to contribute to the development of local cultural, artistic and educational activities, Les Choralines 06 also study vocal technique, as well as the practice and theory of classical and opera singing, as characterised by bel canto.

For the choir, this style relies on the ability to carry the voice without impetus for the ability to read music, and the group looks for “more human than musical” contributions from potential members, those with discipline, diligence and who are good humoured.

In addition to choral activity, Les Choralines 06 also offer vocal technique workshops, Italian courses and conferences.

The concert begins tonight at 5:30 pm at 22 avenue Grande-Bretagne, and donations will go to support the charitable work of the Order. A reception with galettes des rois and beverages will follow.