What’s new for 2019-2020 school year?

Starting Monday, the Principality’s 5,745 students will be back at their desks, marking the beginning of the new school year. Only this year there will be some significant changes.  

PHOTO: Communication Directorate – Stephane Danna

The changes were announced last week by the Prince’s governmental representatives and other local dignitaries. 

It was revealed that this year will see the implementation of digital and tech sciences courses for baccalaureate students, one hour per week of computer programming classes for students aged 5 to 16, and an ambitious “no child left behind” programme, which includes special classes for hospitalised pupils and adaptation classes for those in need of assistance.

Three new sports have also been introduced. Ultimate frisbee, basketball and Zumba will now be played, giving students a bit of a change from the old standards, like football.

Organic foods will now compose 40% of canteen meals. 

For teachers, an intensive training policy will be added, and two new pedagogical advisors for secondary have been hired.  

But perhaps the biggest, and possibly most controversial, change for this year is the dress code for primary school students. Uniforms for CP to CM2 are being implemented in an effort to increase a sense of belonging, diminish social and economic barriers, and encourage discipline.