What is urban agriculture?

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What is urban agriculture?

In a constantly urbanizing and environmentally challenged world, urban agriculture has provided us with the opportunity of one of the most beautiful solutions to keep us in contact with nature in the cities.

This form of agriculture is an incredible success story since some years.

More and more people are practicing urban agriculture because it is easy to adapt, for example in little urban farming, on the building roofs, on apartment terraces and balconies, and even in basement and cellars.

Terre de Monaco urban agriculture

First of all, when we talk about urban agriculture we are mainly talking about market gardening, so mainly about vegetable, aromatic plants, fruits and mushrooms production.

Those cultures are produced with soil, in vats, growers or containers, but also sometimes with hydroponic cultivation, meaning that the plant is exclusively fed with enriched safe water and no earth at all, or with aquaponic growing, using enriched water from ponds but free of fish wastes.

Terre de Monaco terrace agriculture

You will also frequently find associated livestock of small animals like poultry or rabbits. The links between these two activities is often very tight. It is quite frequent also to find urban beekeepers and their urban hives.

There are different forms of urban economic structures to farm organically: associations connecting kids and adults to nature, neighbors shared gardens, municipally provided plots of lands, and commercial companies.

Terre de Monaco gardens agriculture

All those are real ecological solutions for cities, because they are shortening marketing chains cycle, helping to reduce stocks and packaging and producing zero carbon footprint, they are helping to increase sustainability of human settlements.

And not only this, the different structures are very often playing a social, educational and therapeutic role for citizens.

I would like to propose you to discover my environmental respectful company “ Terre de Monaco” and our activities in my next articles.

Jessica Sbaraglia, founder of “Terre de Monaco”

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