Well over limit, sent to jail for one month

drinkkeysA French barman working in Monaco who had drunk three and a half litres of beer, two glasses of rosé and three glasses of champagne has appeared in handcuffs in front of the Criminal Court of Monaco.

The defendant had a blood alcohol level of 2.26 grams per litre of blood and was duly convicted of driving while drunk. It was not his first offence, having been convicted in December 2012 for the same offence.

It was on the evening of Thursday, June 1, that the 26 year-old from Menton, celebrated, both at FlashMan and at the Méridien Beach Plaza, the departure of a colleague, the court was told. At 7:40 am the next morning he decided to take his girlfriend to Villefranche but hit another vehicle as he tried to leave his parking place in Monaco.

Due to the amount he had drunk and his previous conviction he was sentenced to one month in jail.



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