Waste sorting is a reality for Monaco

During a press visit at the Paprec Trivalo Côte d’Azur sorting center in Cannes-la-Bocca, the participants were able to measure the importance and the reality of sorting in the Principality.

On average 350 tonnes of household packaging from Monaco are transferred annually to this plant for sorting.

Paprec sorting center - © Directorate of Communication / Manuel Vitali
Paprec sorting center – © Directorate of Communication / Manuel Vitali

This figure should reach 800 tons quickly, thanks to the simplification of the sorting set up in March with the removal of the blue bin and the possibility of putting all recyclable household packaging in the yellow bin.

With a capacity of 36,000 tonnes, Paprec was able to process 38,000 tonnes of household waste last year from the department.

Benefiting from the latest technologies, this evolutionary chain is composed of nine latest generation optical sorters, three ballistic screens, a trommel, two eddy currents and a manual sorting chain. It is suitable for the specificities of selective collection, it facilitates the reduction of refusals and it can adapt to extensions of sorting instructions on household packaging.