Visiting doctor to cost more, gas prices fall


A number of price changes have come into effect in France from May 1. The cost of a visit to a general practitioner rises from €23 to €25, while the cost for children under six goes up to €30. The increase is linked to an agreement between the French state and 115,000 doctors, which was sealed last August and will last for five years.

There is good news for households that use gas. The regulated gas tariffs charged by Engie to about 5.8 million consumers in France will fall by 3.3 percent on average from May 1.

The long hand of the taxman has reached out to uses of Airbnb, who will now be charged between €0.20 to €4 per person per night. The move comes in response to hotel and registered guesthouse owners who have campaigned for a more level playing field. Airbnb, which will be responsible for collecting the taxes, has said that automating the process simplifies the payment of taxes for all parties.

Professionals and companies must in future make their annual tax returns by May 3, the second business day following Fête du Travaille.

In another change, “Patrim”, the online tax department, can now be consulted by the buyer or the seller of real estate as a guide to the value of property being bought or sold.



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