Venturi aims for new speed record on electric motorbike

Six-time motorcycle world champion Max Biaggi has teamed up with Monaco-based electric bike firm Voxan Motors to try and set a new two-wheeled land speed record.

Max Biaggi in Monaco. Photo credit: Charly Gallo, Venturi/Voxan

Voxan is owned by Monegasque success story Venturi, and the team will be attempting to break the current record in August 2020 on the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia.

With six world titles to his name, Biaggi already knows what it takes to be a record setter. In 1994 the Italian rider made history with a Fazi Egraf electric motorcycle, riding at 135.071 km/h. Now, he hopes to get up to 330 km/h with Venturi’s Voxan Wattman.

Following the initial announcement in April, Biaggi headed to Venturi’s headquarters in Monaco earlier this month to test out the bike’s ergonomics. Voxan is using 3D scanning technology to study new aerodynamic shapes that fit Biaggi’s body dimensions.

Max Biaggi in Monaco. Photo credit: Charly Gallo, Venturi/Voxan

Venturi has already set four-wheeled land speed records and claimed the longest distance covered by an electric vehicle without assistance back in 2010, at 14,900 kilometres.

The current world speed record for electric motorcycles was set by Jim Hoogerhyde. He rode a Lightning SB220 to a speed of 327,608 km/h in 2013.

The Voxan Wattman design

“I’m pleased to see the project progressing so well and so fast,” said Venturi Group President Gildo Pastor. “I have full confidence in my team of engineers as they tackle the challenge I set them.

“They’re used to developing innovative vehicles and are leveraging the experience they gained designing powertrains for our Formula E race cars,” he continued. “We’re dreaming big for 2020, which also happens to be Venturi’s 20th anniversary as a specialised producer of high-performance electric vehicles.”