Urgent action needed to save coral reefs from extinction

As part of the Monaco Ocean Week, an event promoting the International Coral Reef Initiative, of which Monaco is co-presiding alongside Australia and Indonesia until 2020, was held on March 26.

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This event brought together more than 50 participants and reinforced the main objectives of the 2018-2020 action plan of ICRI, also endorsed recently at the 4th Assembly of Nations for the Environment.

  • The development of recommendations for member states to the Convention on Biological Diversity, concerning a new target for the preservation of coral reefs from 2020. It responds to the urgent need to act to save the reefs threatened with a decline in large scale by 2050.
  • Production of a report on the state of health of coral reefs globally for 2020.

This meeting was an opportunity to reiterate the involvement of ICRI in the Coral Reef Community of Ocean Action, which it co-chairs with the UN Environment and to present the results of projects co-financed by the Prince’s Government to promote the resilience of coral reefs and associated ecosystems.