UK wins 2019 Monaco Art en Ciel

Four fireworks companies competed for the top spot at this year’s Monaco Art en Ciel and in the end it was the UK’s Sirotechnics Fireworks who was proclaimed victorious.

Skies above the Port of Monaco were ablaze one night a week for four weeks running. It was the annual Monaco Art en Ciel, and teams from Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain and the United Kingdom all competed, to the delight of onlookers, creating the most dazzling fireworks displays possible.

The UK’s show, from former British Musical Fireworks Champions Sirotechnics Fireworks, came out the winners. Their award was presented by Deputy Mayor and president of the Jury André Campana, and Mélanie Flachaire, delegate to Espace Léo Ferré. Spain was declared second place, Lithuania was third, followed by Ukraine.

A representative of the winner Sirotechnics Fireworks with Mélanie Flachaire and André J. Campana (© Stéphane Lobono)

The competition focused on a combination of pyrotechnics and music, evoking emotion as well as excitement from the crowds. Some of the world’s best loved rock anthems were played whilst each country’s representative (one per week) put on a show to compliment the musical repertoire.

Even though the winner has been chosen by a jury, internet users are still invited to vote for their favourite. A special website set up by the town hall,, allows everyone to relive each spectacular moment and vote for who they believe was the best. The winner will be chosen by the team with the most number of points received.