UBS Monaco renews support for New National Museum

Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC
Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

The NMNM (Nouveau Musée National de Monaco) and UBS Monaco have renewed their partnership, continuing a collaboration that has lasted for five years.

Agnes Falco, Managing Director, General Manager of UBS (Monaco) SA, said: “As an economic actor of Monaco for more than 60 years, it is our responsibility to make a lasting commitment to develop the attractiveness of the market by investing both in the development of our offers and services and in supporting Contemporary Art is part of the DNA of the UBS brand.

Ms Falco added, “This partnership with the NMNM reflects our deep desire to actively participate in the cultural development of the Principality, by allowing the Museum to perfect its collection and to be able to offer an exhibition programme within Villa Paloma and Villa Sauber throughout the year.”

Welcoming the renewal of the bank’s support, Marie-Claude Beaud, Director of the New National Museum of Monaco, commented: “From the beginning of our partnership and to this day, we have been fortunate to have support and understanding of a rare philanthropic quality in relation to our needs and requests.

Thanks to UBS, for the year 2018 and those to come, we will be able to continue our research and carry out a complete programme of amazing and original exhibition projects.”

Among the highlights of the 2018 programme, the NMNM will present an exhibition of ten recent acquisitions that have integrated the Museum’s collections with the support of UBS. The artists honoured in this first instalment are Matti Braun, Natalie du Pasquier, Francesco Gennari, Apostolos Georgiou, Jef Geys, Joao Maria Gusmao plus Pedro Paiva, Jean-Michel Sanejouand and Daniel Steegmann Mangrane.

From the beginning, the NMNM, with the support of UBS, has been able to develop important exhibitions and publications but also to acquire works of art. Several projects were also able to be realised in collaboration with the presentation of works from the UBS Art Collection starting with Ed Ruscha’s works on paper in 2013, in the Table of Contents of Villa Paloma, a series highlighting a work by an artist honoured John Baldessari in 2014 and Thomas Struth in 2016.

The same year at the NMNM an exhibition by Thomas Demand connected the works of the collection of the UBS Art Collection Museum, and an off-the-wall project was embodied by the immersive installation “cloak” by the British artist Mike Nelson in the Monegasque headquarters of UBS Avenue of Great Britain, then in the process of renovation.


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