Exhibition dedicated to Monaco’s former Minister of State

Roger Expo 5Monaco’s former Minister of State, Michel Roger, who suffered a stroke last December, worked tirelessly in the interests of the Principality in the very demanding position of “Prime Minister” for a number of years, is due to be released from hospital in Poitiers one year on.

Anett-Patrice van York, a local figure in the Principality, who saw firsthand how difficult post-stroke recovery can be, especially for active community members, organised the Michel Roger Initiative, launched in January, as a monthly support system for the former official.

As part of the Michel Roger Initiative, Ms van York called on artists in and around Monaco to create a portrait of Mr Roger. The deadline for submissions was October 31, 2016, and 22 artists from Monaco and around the world paid tribute with personalised and magnificent portraits.

Roger Expo 4

The works will be shown at a private vernissage on December 13 at the Cremaillere, (Place de la Cremaillere). In addition to the various portraits, there will be a silent auction with art from Alexandre Nicolas (mixed media), jeweller Jelena Mandic, a painting by Diego and and calligraphic paintings from Kamel el Amri, with proceeds to go to Monaco Collectif Humanitaire, which helps African children in need of life-saving surgery. Also painter Jean-Francois Gaulthier will exhibit a painting of ballet dancers, a special gift for Mrs Roger.

Monaco residents can visit the tribute exhibition from December 14 to 20, from 8 am to 3:30 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm.

During both the December 13 vernissage and the opening hours to the public, residents are encouraged to bring support letters or Christmas gifts for Mr Roger. The best selection of art, as well as all letters and gifts, will be given to the 67-year-old before Christmas.

The exhibition will include works by Ralph Cowen (painter, Palace of Monaco – out of competition), Toby Wright (drawing), Diego (painting), Cyril de la Patelliere (painting), Jeremy Royer (pop art painting), Richard Seren (calligraphy painting), Valentyna Protsak (painting), Elena Zaika (painting), Golec+Golec (sculpture), Yvonne Lambeaux (painting), Alain Giampaoli (drawing), Christine Franceschini (painting), Sylvia Wohlgemuth (mixed media), Gil Zetbase (mixed media-pop art), Stefanie Vanzyl (drawing), Tuula Hirvonen (mixed media), Kub (digital painting), Sven Vandenbosch (drawing), Claudia Albuquerque (photography), Nasty Miro (multimedia), Basia Hamilton (painting) and Gueorgui Chichkine (painting).

Roger Expo 3


Article first published December 11, 2016.