Transport solution up in the air

Cable car transport in Auckland, New Zealand
Cable car transport in Wellington, New Zealand

The mayor of La Turbie, Jean-Jacques Raffaelle, has taken the initiative in the French media to promote a cable-car link between his village and Monte Carlo.

With 14,000 vehicles passing through his commune every weekday en route to Monaco, the mayor is pressing for an alternative to help relieve the pressure of noise, congestion and pollution.

Although the concept might appear revolutionary, a cable car service to and from the Principality would not be entirely new. In 1893, such a service linked the two communities, only to fall into disuse at the time of the First World War. Also in favour of a radical solution is the fact that several other towns currently employ cable car transport, including Auckland in New Zealand, and Grenoble in France. Berlin is also due to embrace the cable car with a launch planned during a forthcoming international expo on gardens and green spaces.

Mayor Raffaelle believes the Monte Carlo to La Turbie cable car service could be reborn as soon as 2021.

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