Tourist board tries out new solar kiosks

A new tourist information kiosk powered completely by solar energy has been installed at the Grimaldi Forum for the summer.  

Communications Director/ Charly Gallo

The kiosk is 12.5 square metres in size when the panels are fully deployed and works instantly, running a fan and refrigerator in addition to basic electricity without the need to be connected to a grid. The battery has the ability to recharge, even on cloudy days, and needs only 10 minutes of sunlight to generate an hour’s worth of electricity.

The kiosks, produced by an Austrian manufacturer, are called Cubox and are a thoroughly modern concept. They need only sun and a bit of space, are simple to move and transport, and are rather smart looking in design. The solar flaps that form the sides of the kiosks also double as sun shades for visitors to the booth, making them practical as well as energy efficient.

The state-of-the-art kiosk is the only one currently in operation in the Principality, though if all goes well the government will consider ordering additional units for 2020.