Tourism and Congress Department partners with Brazilian electronic waste collection

The Tourism and Convention Authority has partnered with the city of Sao Paolo and the Brazilian Greenk movement to install 15 e-waste bins in large public parks.

The objective of this campaign is to raise awareness among the Brazilian public about the collection of electronic waste and to increase people’s commitment to recycling.

Lixo Electrico
DTC partner of the Brazilian electronic waste collection movement – Copyright – DR

The results of the first quarter already confirm the success of the operation – more than three tons of recovered electronic waste, the equivalent of more than eight million real (€ 1.7 million), a reduction of 935kg of Co² and an energy saving estimated at 9.403 KW/h.

This project gives Monaco the opportunity to prove its commitment to a more responsible future.

The Greenk movement was born of a civic association and is a contraction of Geek & Green. It aims to engage a technology-loving public to mobilize for the environment (setting up collectors, conferences, trade shows).