Top Marques 2017 to launch Keating Berus

Photo: Berus
Photo: Berus

A tiny UK company called Keating is making a second attempt to break into the big time in limited edition supercars with the announcement that its Berus model will be launched at next year’s Top Marques show in Monaco.

The British firm first made a splash a few years ago with the release of the Bolt, a car that was launched with the claim that it would hit a 340 mph (547 km/h) top speed and unsurprisingly news of the vehicle dried up immediately after its launch.

Now Keating’s new supercar, the Berus, will actually make it to the production line, the firm claims. The firm has only released renderings of the car so far which reveal a streamlined coupe adorned with many characteristic supercar traits. At the front, the Keating Berus consists of a set of slender vertical headlights and a curved hood with large air extractors.

The sides of the car are quite simple and only consist of one large air intake feeding the mid-mounted engine which has yet to be detailed. Sitting at the rear is an active spoiler, thin taillights and an oval-shaped exhaust outlet.

Company founder Dr Anthony Keating says the Berus will be built in the northern English town of Bolton. Taking its name from the venomous snake Vipera Berus, with a host of impressive features, the Berus comes in two versions. With a top speed of 230 mph+ and 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds, the V8 Berus is a fierce addition to the Keating range. There is also the Electric Berus – packing 150-300KW 1,054 ft/lb torque, the company says. Sources:,, Keating