Tom Wesselmann exhibition ‘The Promise of Happiness’ at Villa Paloma

Until January 6, 2019, the public will be able to discover at Villa Paloma – NMNM – an exhibition consecrated to one of the leading representatives of American Pop Art, Tom Wesselmann.

“Beauty is only the promise of happiness” is a leitmotif borrowed from Stendhal. The exhibition, which is not a retrospective, is interested in the portrait that Wesselmann draws of ‘the woman’ – who has often been the subject of polemics because of her so-called ‘objectification’ – and offers a much more nuanced analysis of the relationship between the artist and his female subject.

Chris Sharp, curator of the exhibition, collected 25 paintings, drawings and sculptures between dating from 1963 to 1993. Some of the works are from the artist’s series such as Great American Nudes, Bedroom Paintings, Seascapes and Still Life. A visit with commentary by the curator of the exhibition, Chris Sharp, will take place on Sunday, July 1 at 16:00 (free admission).

Admission to the NMNM is free every Sunday.