Tiger mosquito warning

800px-Aedes_AlbopictusThe French Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has issued guidelines to minimise threats caused by the seasonal invasion of tiger mosquitoes in the Alpes-Martitimes, which have been installed in the department since 2010.

Aedes Albopictus can cause symptoms such as sudden or moderate fever, asthenia, muscular or joint pain, headache, conjunctivitis, and rashes. They can also carry and transmit diseases such as dengue, zika and chikungunya.

It’s important to avoid even small pools of stagnant water that allow mosquitoes to breed. Saucers should be removed from flowerpots or these should be filled with sand. Water should be changed in vases several times a week and gutters should be checked to prevent any build-up of water. Mosquitoes like shaded areas and vegetable waste and dead wood must also be regularly removed. In general, a cleaned garden will attract fewer mosquitoes than those with dense vegetation.

People travelling to areas where chikungunya, dengue or zika viruses are present should protect themselves from mosquito bites. This includes many Latin American countries, the French West Indies, Guyana and the Indian Ocean.


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