The Chemin des Crèches – free and free access

Launched in 2014, on the initiative of Fabienne Mourou, the Chemin des Crèches promotes, during the Christmas period, the meaning, values ​​and culture of crèches. This year, the route proposes 11 steps between the bottom of the Rampe Major and Monaco-Ville.

© Directorate of Communication / Manuel Vitali
© Directorate of Communication / Manuel Vitali

The public, throughout a journey lasting about an hour, can discover around fifty crèches, most of which are from private collections and from five continents, among the iconic locations of the Rock. One of them pays a special tribute to the end of the First World War – inserted in one of the loopholes of the ramparts overlooking the Condamine.

To discover this course, a leaflet is available at the Tourism and Conventions Branch (2a, boulevard des Moulins), at the entrance to the Chemin, at the bottom of the Rampe Major and on the side of the chalets.

The Chemin des Crèches can also continue through the city with models exhibited in several relay points (Society of Sea Bath Hotels, Condamine Market, Christmas Market, Tourism and Convention Center and Princess Grace Hospital Center).

Note that a book including a miniature wooden crib is offered for sale (by email:

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