Telecoms operators spring summer surprise

Phone CellTelecom operators SFR, Bouygues and Orange appear to have taken advantage of the summer holidays to up the prices of some of their subscription plans. However, only the most alert may notice, as the announcements of the increases has been included in the small print of monthly bills.

SFR has increased the price of subscriptions of “most of its fixed and mobile customers” from €2 to €5 a month. Those who use SFR’s Red will see their bill increase from €1 to €2.

Meanwhile, customers at Bouygues have seen the rental fee of the BBox Miami, so far included in a plan, charged at €3 per month. For Orange subscribers, the price of its fixed offer “Internet Discovery” goes up from €21 to €24.99 per month. The price of its mobile Mini package jumps from €14.99 to €16.99 per month.

To avoid this price increase, customers have four months from the change to cancel their subscriptions free of charge, in accordance with Article L. 224-33 of the Consumer Code. Beyond this period, this change is considered accepted.


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