Swift action on faulty pipes


Photo: gouv.mc
Photo: gouv.mc

The Government has responded to problems relating to faulty pipelines within the residential complex “Les Jardins d’Apolline” by appointing an official to coordinate the rehabilitation of the homes that have been affected by the problems.

Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, issued a statement on Thursday evening following a meeting between his department, the Department of Social Affairs and Health, the Department of Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Planning, and representatives of the inhabitants of the building,

“In order to better manage the problems related to the building’s faulty pipelines, and in response to the wishes of the residents, the government has appointed a single interlocutor, Mrs Elodie Boyer, who will coordinate the rehabilitation of the dwellings. To do this, an email address “ddejap@gouv.mc” has been created.

“At the same time, people who have to leave their homes during the construction period will be relocated free of charge during this period, with retroactive effect if rent has already been paid. The State will bear the costs of removal and will facilitate all the necessary steps, in particular with regard to services.

“If a part of the apartment is not habitable but a relocation is not necessary, a 50 percent reduction of the rent will be granted.

“Finally, in the case of a Capital Accumulation Contract, occupants will be exempt from charges during the duration of the work and the payment deadline will be deferred until the end of the work. In case of imperative relocation, the inhabitants will be able, if they wish, to stay in their new apartment.

The Minister said work on the restoration of defective pipelines will begin during the first quarter of 2017 and will last for a maximum of six months with regular information on the quality of drinking water and air inside the building will be provided to residents.

The residential complex, intended for Monegasque nationals, was built between 2009 and 2013, and sits just to the west of Lycée Technique et Hotelier.