Saturday, August 24, 2019


      La Poste Monaco celebrates 25 years of electric fleet

      Before it was fashionable, or even common, La Poste Monaco was delivering mail using eco-friendly vehicles. Now they celebrate a quarter century of clean, green service.

      Monaco rewards eco-friendly app in Brazil

      The Monaco Tourism Office has awarded its Green is the New Glam Award to a start-up in Brazil that is promoting sustainable ways of travelling by water.

      Superyacht awards to honour design and sustainability

      Monaco will be rewarding the world’s eco-friendliest luxury vessel at the 6th annual Superyacht Awards this September, on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show.

      Special report on the ocean and cryosphere to be released in...

      The world will be watching closely in September as a major report on climate change is released in Monaco, providing important information for the development of global climate policy.

      Monaco bar lets you trade butts for beer

      Stars’N’Bars is joining a new world-wide movement by rewarding the environmentally conscious with free beer and soft drinks.

      Team Malizia and Greta Thunberg set sail across the Atlantic

      The world watched closely this week as racing sailboat Malizia II, skippered by founder of Team Malizia Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann, set off on her Atlantic crossing with teen climate activist Greta Thunberg on board.

      Europe’s forests are booming. Here’s why

      Around the world, forests are shrinking due to deforestation, urban development and climate change, but in Europe that trend has been reversed. 

      Keeping Monaco ports clean

      As worldwide focus on marine litter increases, Monaco’s ports have taken steps to help boaters and marina users dispose of waste responsibly and encourage recycling.