Suspect hands over drugs from his boxers

Photo: Chuck Grimmett
Photo: Chuck Grimmett

A routine roadside inspection shortly after midnight at the Jardin Exotique surprised the policemen on duty on April 24. When one of the officers asked the driver if he was carrying drugs, the 24-year-old suspect unbuttoned his pants and handed over a bag of 23g cannabis from his boxers.

Asked about the origin of the hemp, he said he bought the drug the same evening from an individual in the parking lot of the cinema Pathé Lingostière in Nice for the sum of €70.

In her statement, using carefully-chosen language, prosecutor Cyrielle Colle defined the defendant as “a personality inclined to transgress the law”. He has 13 criminal citations in France from 2009 until 2015, including for violence and narcotics offences.

The accused was absent from the hearing, but communicated to the court that on the day in question he had come to Monaco to buy cigarettes and to refuel his BMW. He admitted smoking one to two joints a day. Despite his absence, he was sentenced to one month in prison.


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