Strike threat at BA might affect holiday travel

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 8.32.38 PMMany people could find their Christmas travel plans blown off course after British Airways cabin crew voted to strike over low pay.

By a margin of four to one, members of the Unite union representing cabin crew who joined BA after 2010 voted to walk off the job as soon as December 21. The Mixed Fleet union represents about 15 percent of BA cabin crew, according to the airline, and the effects of strike action may be limited.

Unite claims that real wages for Mixed Fleet cabin crew start at 12,000 pounds, plus three pounds an hour flying pay.

A union official, Matt Smith, said: “Mixed Fleet crew earn just over the minimum wage and below the national average. Significant numbers of crew are taking on second jobs, many go to work unfit to fly because they can’t afford to be sick. British Airways bosses need to wake up to the anger and the injustice here.”