St Paul’s gets new lift

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 8.35.50 PMAfter many months of planning and much time taken in obtaining official permissions, jack hammers bit into cement two weeks ago and the work to prepare the installation of the new Library Lift has begun in earnest at St Paul’s Church in Monaco.

Predicting the completion of construction projects is always a bit foolhardy, but a working lift in place by mid-May 2017 now seems possible. This will enable churchgoers and others to access the Library, a popular venue for meetings, without having to negotiate two flights of steep steps.

To celebrate the beginning of the work to install the new lift, Samantha Stirling and her Library Lift Campaign Committee are organising a cocktail fund raiser to take place on December 6, at 6 pm, in the Chaplain’s Apartment, located one floor below the church.

This is an opportunity for all the groups that make use of the St Paul’s Library to come together and celebrate the project to provide easier access to the library.