Spiderman burglar sentenced in absence

palaisjusticeA serial thief who burgled an apartment in Monaco in November 2014 has been given a stiff sentence, in his absence…

Already the subject of an exclusion order, the native of Marseille was given a two year jail term. He is thought to be hiding from justice in Lebanon.

A resident of The Bermuda apartment block, on the Monaco side of the border with France on avenue Hector Otto, reported the theft of her baggage shortly after returning from a foreign trip. She was alerted to the theft by the slamming of a door.

Although he left by the main entrance, the thief had gained entry by climbing up the lift shaft and climbing on to the roof, from where he accessed the flat by a terrace. His booty has been valued at 50,000 euros.

Article first published May 11, 2016.