Special evening offers support for Monaco students making career choices

Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC
Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

On the initiative of the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports, and under the authority of Isabelle Bonnal, the 2018 edition of the Agora des Métiers – a careers evening – took place on Tuesday, January 30, at Auditorium Rainier III, in the presence of many leading figures of the Principality, including Patrice Cellario, Minister of the Interior, and Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

For this 2018 edition, the Agora des Métiers, traditionally dedicated to middle school students, also welcomed, for the first time, many students from the First and Terminale classes (Grades 11 and 12 respectively). Nearly 1,000 high school students participated took part and heard from the main representatives of local business.

The decisive role of Guidance Counsellors’ support for young people was also offered with Orientation Workshops, dedicated to the Hospitality and Catering, Banking and Finance sectors, as well as the health professions.

Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC
Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

Students were able to meet four Guidance Counsellors for advice to help them choose their future courses and build their professional futures.

The National Education Information Centre, for its part, benefited from a special focus so that students can know and understand more easily the help that this can give them in making choices.

The building and real estate trades were given special attention during the evening. Finally, eight professional speakers presented three sectors of activity that generate employment, namely New Technologies, Hospitality and Yachting.


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