Sound and light on Prince’s Palace celebrates dynasty

The first Meeting of the Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco ended on Saturday evening with a spectacular Sound and Light show dedicated to the Grimaldi dynasty projected on the facade of the Prince’s Palace.

Sound and light on the facade of the Prince's Palace in Monaco

Several highlights marked the first day of this inaugural celebration of the history of the Grimaldi dynasty, including folk dances and cultural performances performed by the invited sites, the fighting of behourd, and also the traditional fire of Saint-Jean which allowed all the invited folk groups to associate themselves with the history of Monaco.

The first meeting also paid tribute to the Marquisate des Baux and the county of Carladès in honour of Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. The City of Menton, which was part of the Principality for five centuries, completed the list of guest sites.

The celebration continued on Sunday, June 24, on the Palace Square.