Socca returning to Monaco

Photo: Trans World Productions
Photo: Trans World Productions

The honour of Monaco’s national dish goes undisputedly to the tasty Barbagiuan, but socca, the chickpea-based street food strongly associated with the town of Nice, is still a typical treat in the Principality, and its future had been cast in doubt until this weekend.

The covered market at La Condamine has been a popular place to taste socca, but Chez Roger, the stall specialising in Monegasque food, had to close six months ago due to ill health. In response, the Facebook group “SOS Socca” launched a petition, calling on the Town Hall to bring back the socca.

“All the fans of this typical, delicious and convivial dish are desperate, and some of them have lapsed into depression,” the campaigners say. “We call on the Town Hall to organise the reopening of this mythical place, find a replacement or a temporary solution to avoid family dramas. The elderly and small children are starting to show alarming signs of deprivation …”


Hundreds of Facebook users joined the campaign and on Sunday, January 8, it was announced the Chez Roger will reopen February 2.

“I want to thank all the people who have supported Roger. We would like to send sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Monaco Town Hall, thank you for your support, patience and listening during this period.”

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