Butting out in November

Projet generiquePartenaireBDTobacco remains the number one cause of avoidable death and chronic illnesses. The fact that 60 percent of smokers would like to quit the habit shows that they understand the dangers, the Government has said.

To help smokers give up the dangerous habit, the Monaco Government is joining the first edition of “Moi(s) sans Tabac,” in French a play on words since “moi” translates to “me” and “mois” is month. The Me/Month without Tobacco has been launched by the French Ministry of Health, Health Insurance and Public Health, the new ministry for public health.

The emphasis on a month is very appropriate, since research has shown that if smokers can quit the habit for four weeks the chances are that they will quit for good.

The campaign will be launched in November with the full support of the Monaco Government.