SMEG rewards ‘green’ energy users

Guests at SMEG's E+ Trophy ceremony. Photo: Charly Gallo/Communications Department
Guests at SMEG’s E+ Trophy ceremony. Photo: Charly Gallo/Communications Department

Monaco’s electrical power operator, SMEG, has continued its commitment to cleaner energy with the presentation of prizes for “green” energy use. The E+ Trophy ceremony took place on Saturday, May 13, in the presence of the Minister of State, HE Serge Telle and HE Bernard Fautrier, CEO of the PA2F, along with Thomas Battaglione, Managing Director of SMEG.

SMEG has rewarded the commitment of many Monegasque companies, as well as individuals, all of whom have contributed to a lower consumption of energy that is more respectful of the environment.

E+ is an environmental label awarded to individuals, institutions or companies that are part of a partnership with SMEG to act and contribute to the energy transition initiated by the Sovereign Prince, the Minister of State and his Government.

The E+ Trophies awarded last Saturday represent two themes: SMEG’s thanks for the trust placed in us by its customers, and above all, the congratulations to the Government of Monaco for its commitment to the environment.

More than a hundred guests were invited last Saturday for this important day organised in parallel with the Monaco Formula E.


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