Sculptures of “Burnt Trees” by Philippe Pastor honoured for 2018 summer season

As the summer season opens, the artist Philippe Pastor has reminded us of the fragility of our environment, especially the risk of forest fires that regularly ravage the PACA region.
Following the black sculptures of “Burnt Trees”, installed in the summer of 2017, Philippe Pastor is currently presenting a new coloured version at Château des Marres made up of red and yellow enamelled plates. Positioned at the edge of one of the busiest roads of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the monumental sculptures call to the public for constant vigilance against forest fires.

Sculptures of "Burnt Trees" by Philippe Pastor

At the same time, in Monaco, the Jonckheere gallery unveils the latest bronze version of “Burnt Trees”. The sculpture is presented alongside paintings of the series “Blue Monochrome” devoted to the theme of the sea and the environmental issues that affect it. These works are part of the exhibition “Modernity & Primitivism”, in collaboration with the Parisian gallery Lucas Ratton.

Initiated in 2003, the “Burnt Trees” project has become a symbol of the fight against deforestation. Sculpture installations have been exhibited throughout the world, including New York, Singapore and the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi.

Pastor reaffirms his commitment to nature through his participation in Plant for the Planet, the Billion Tree Campaign, launched in 2007 by the United Nations Development Programme. In 2015, the sculptures are part of the Monaco Pavilion of the Universal Exhibition in Milan whose theme “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” focussed on environmental issues sensitive to the artist.