School costs on the rise

Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

The cost of schooling a child has risen by two percent in France over the last year. Rising prices of school supplies and other equipment required by the Ministry of Education are not the only cause. The list of things to buy has also lengthened since August 2015.

Throughout the year, parents are required to pay for school transport, canteen, insurance, and outings. According to the Confederation of Families (CSF), the cost of schooling increased mainly because of the number of items on the list given to parents. The CSF points out that it is difficult for a child to get by without a computer, which can cost about €600. Sportswear costs are also an issue.

Among parents interviewed by the confederation, 80 percent were already equipped with computers by 2015, and nearly 23 percent have invested in one for the 2016 school year. The confederation has asked for an increase in the annual tax allowance for education.