Saving the sharks

Monaco has supported the WWF in its efforts to save sharks from extinction. A fundraising event was held on Thursday 18th July with the support of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and the Prince Albert II Foundation.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Prince Albert at the WWF fundraising event

Sharks are essential to the natural balance and order of marine ecosystems, but they now face their most severe threat from overfishing and demand for their fins.

Shark fin soup is a luxury item served at wedding banquets in Asia and other celebrations. It symbolizes power, wealth and generosity.

A crucial part of WWF’s work to save sharks focuses on reducing the consumption of shark fin in key Asian markets. Its strategy focuses on improving fisheries management, reducing demand for shark fin and meat, and moving the international trade in sharks and rays towards sustainability.

After bringing about a 70% reduction in the number of Hong Kong residents consuming shark fin, the WWF is expanding that successful programme to two new priority markets: mainland China and Thailand, where it will engage consumers, government authorities and corporate partners to shift trends in shark fin consumption.

Left to right: Monaco Life Publisher Eric Brundage with Gulshat Uzenbaeva from LuxPro and Francisco del Campo Wright from Prestige Aviation at the WWF fundraising event

Prince Albert lent his support to the fundraising event, while the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation committed to matching all donations made on the night.