Ryanair relents on cancellation warnings


Europe’s biggest low-cost airline, Ryanair, has relented in the face of widespread anger and agreed to publish a list of flights due to be cancelled over the next few weeks.

Previously the airline had refused to do so.

The cancellations, which Ryanair has said will affect fewer than two percent of its passengers, have been made in order to improve punctuality, the airline said. On-time arrivals had recently fallen to below 80 percent

The airline has also blamed its cancellations on its own miscalculations of leave due to pilots.

Ryanair does not have a major presence at Nice Airport, but uses Marseille as its hub in the South of France. While the Irish airline does not seem too bothered by its public image, which is once again in a nose dive, it is usually among the first to complain about strikes by French air traffic controllers.

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Photo: Facebook Ryanair
Photo: Facebook Ryanair