Russian in a hurry pays smaller fine

tanktop (1)A Russian shopper said she was in too much of a hurry to pay for a tank top after she was apprehended on suspicion of shoplifting in the Louis Vuitton Pavilion in Monte-Carlo.

The woman, in her forties, was not present in court to hear that on the day in question, August 10 this year, staff became suspicious when she offered to pay for a sweater but not the tank top, which she was wearing underneath.

She had money enough in her purse to pay for the item, and in her defence she said she was in a hurry to leave because she was due to collect new boots in the nearby Christian Louboutin store, which she feared might close.

The public prosecutor was not convinced by the defendant’s excuse, and asked for a fine of €5,000. The court took into account the lack of any criminal record and the restitution of the tank top, and cut the penalty in half.

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