Rolex Masters medical service at the forefront of innovation

Photo: Monte Carlo Rolex Masters medical service led by IM2S' Dr Patrick Coudert
Monte Carlo Rolex Masters medical service led by IM2S’ Dr Patrick Coudert. Photo: Twitter IM2S

Monaco’s IM2S is a medical and surgical orthopaedic clinic known for its expertise in sports medicine, and its highly specialised medical team.

Dr Patrick Coudert, a sports doctor at IM2S, has been the head of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters medical service for 30 years, offering the best in innovative therapy to the world’s top tennis players.

Dr Coudert is a pioneer in the use of ultrasound for diagnosis as well as therapy a technique that he began using in the early 1990s at the Monte-Carlo tournament. This technique is now used in most major tournaments.

The innovative treatments offered by the medical service include Focus Shock Wave Treatment used to “destroy” calcifications mostly in cases of tendinitis, but which can also be effective in stress fractures, periostitis, an inflammation of

the connective tissue that surrounds the bone, and other bone diseases.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique particularly used in sports medicine because of its safety and very high efficiency. It consists of injecting a drop of a specially selected medicated cocktail adapted to the pathology. There is no cortisone involved and the procedure is not painful.

Other so-called “soft” medicines such as Homeopathy, Micronutrition or Osteopathy can also improve the management of certain pathologies in sports medicine or rheumatology, in particular because they have no side effects. They were also offered to athletes at the Rolex Masters tournament, as not everyone is-supportive of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The diversity of therapies available, and the proficiency of the medical service team under Dr Coudert are now well known to tennis players. The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters medical service has been awarded by the ATP , which regularly places it in first place on the ATP World Tour.



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