Road closures for Historic Grand Prix from May 11

Photo: Charly Gallo/DC
Photo: Charly Gallo/DC

The eleventh Grand Prix Historique will take place from Friday, May 11 to Sunday, May 13 in the Principality with, this year, trial sessions from Friday in the morning.

In the circumstances, the Prince’s Government wishes to draw the attention of road users to the fact that the circuit will be closed on Friday, May 11, from 7 am with reopening scheduled for the same evening at 7:30 pm.

On the following days, the opening and closing times of the circuit are programmed as follows: Saturday, May 12: closure of the circuit at 6:30 am, reopening at 7:30 pm; Sunday, May 13: closure of the circuit at 7 am and reopening at 7:30 pm. Additional information:

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