Recharge your laptop by pedalling at train station

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Recharge your laptop by pedalling WeBike at the train station

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, has inaugurated a “WeBike” terminal that travellers can use to recharge mobile devices by pedalling.

Comprising three stations with comfortable seats, the eco-friendly WeBike allows the user to recharge the battery of their mobile phone, computer or tablet with the strength of their calves.

A ring composed of LEDs serves as an interactive display and gives the level corresponding to the power delivered by the user. As soon as this power is sufficient, the LEDs go green and the power supply is then available to recharge the portable device.

From the first pedal, the bike provides electrical power by exploiting kinetic energy through a dynamo, which is roughly equivalent to a mains connection. With regard to mobile phones, the recharging time by pedalling is equivalent to that of a conventional electric charger. On average, pedalling ten minutes at a moderate pace can recharge 10 to 15 percent of the battery.

“This initiative of the Directorate of Environment is part of the Government’s eco-responsible approach and aims to raise public awareness of alternative energies,” said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, adding “I encourage the Principality’s companies, in other spaces open to the public, to develop similar initiatives.”

Developed by the Belgian company WeWatt, these terminals were tested in 2012 at the Brussels airport and during the Olympic Games in London, and today can be found in an increasing number of sites in Europe and the US.