RAMOGE summit on moorings in Monaco Ocean Week

Baie de Pampelonne ©ULMflyingsafari
Baie de Pampelonne ©ULMflyingsafari

RAMOGE has organised a colloquium, entitled “RAMOGE, for a rational management of moorings,” as part of Monaco Ocean Week. The event will be held on Friday, March 31, at the Oceanographic Museum and the main players in boating in the RAMOGE zone, which includes the French Riviera, Monaco and Liguria, will be welcomed.

One of the most touristic regions in the Mediterranean, the RAMOGE zone is a top destination for yachting, from small to large vessels. Problems differ depending on the coastal zone; in the Liguria region, there are more small pleasure craft, while the coasts of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and Monaco are characterised more by bigger yachts.

The use of these coasts continues to increase from year to year, so that this over-frequentation of certain anchorage areas poses a threat to the ecosystems of small algae and rock beds. Intensive and repetitive anchoring degrades the particularly fragile habitats favoured by the posidonia herbarium and the coralligenous.

In view of this challenge, the ROMAGE countries have decided to bring together the managers and users of these zones in order to exchange experiences in order to better manage their specific areas.

Stakeholders and managers in the marine protected areas will testify and share their experiences respectful of the marine environment, both on practices and on mooring techniques.

The overall aim is to achieve more eco-friendly moorings.



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