“Radical” migrant picked up after crossing Italian border

poliziaAs confrontations continue between migrants and police in Menton, fears that terrorists and their sympathisers are taking advantage of the situation have increased following the discovery that a migrant intercepted on the French side of the border with Italy last week was on France’s “S” list of dangerous radicals.

Hundreds of migrants have been massing on the border at Menton, supported by the “No Borders” NGO. Amid evidence that a number of migrants, mainly from sub-Saharan countries, are succeeding in crossing from Italy, the mayor of Menton, Jean-Claude Guibal, has called for a strengthening of anti-terrorist monitoring.

Last weekend, a 53-year-old Italian policeman suffered a fatal heart attack during an angry confrontation with migrants in Ventimiglia, the terminus of the Italian railway line closest to the French border.

A Le Figaro poll has found 96 percent of respondents are in favour of permanent border controls at the frontier with Italy.