“Protection of the Mediterranean”: free conference Sunday at Stars”n’Bars

Photo: The Plastic Oceans Foundation/David Jones
Photo: The Plastic Oceans Foundation/David Jones

Last June, Stars’n’Bars launched the Principality’s first EcoHub, which included housing a Monaco-based vegetable garden to serve the restaurant, hosting Monacology week and drawing attention to year-round events like Earth Day and World Water Day.

As part of EcoHub’s commitment to the environment – the sea, forest, sustainable development, water consumption and renewable energies – Stars’n’Bars has also been offering its premises, and network of nearly 30 years, to other eco-conscious individuals in the region to help raise awareness though conferences and workshops.

As founder Kate Powers explained: “We use less than 40 percent of our space and operating hours to benefit our customers and it’s clear that we have so much more to offer.”

On Sunday January 15, a free afternoon seminar under the theme “Protection of the Mediterranean” will provide a series of five mini-conferences in French highlighting planet preservation.

Emceed by Pascal Mayol of Souffleurs D’écume, participants are key players in the region’s ecological scene, starting at 1 pm with photographer Ed Wright who will talk about “Plastics, Mediterranean and Deception: All Before 2041”, followed by Pascal Mayol on “Men and Cetaceans: How to Cohabit” (2 pm) and, at 3:30 pm, “Risso’s Dolphin: An Amazing Yet Unknown Animal” presented by Nathalie Ile (Expe 2M and GIS3M).

The conference rounds off with the World Recorder of Free-Diving, Pierre Frolla, discussing “The Oceans: The last Wall For Our Survival” and, lastly, at 5:30 pm, CESTMED’s Delphine Gambaiani will address “Protection of Marine Turtles”.

The event starts at 1 pm and is open both adults and children, because “it’s never too late or too soon to make a difference”.