Promoting intellectual wealth of Monaco’s youth

Stéphane Valeri, Minister of Health and Social Affairs
Stéphane Valeri, Minister of Health and Social Affairs

The Commission for the Integration of Graduates has met for the seventh consecutive year in order to present its progress report and decide on its initiatives for 2017.

The Commission, under the presidency of the Minister of State, is composed of 13 members, and the Executive Board of the Commission operates under the authority of Stéphane Valeri, Minister of Health and Social Affairs.

Created in February 2010 by the Prince’s Government, the Commission reflects the wish of the Prince to promote the intellectual wealth of Monaco’s youth, as well as encouraging the return to Monaco of expatriate graduates.

The executive unit’s mission is to support young Monegasque and resident graduates and to promote the establishment of bridges, by establishing special contacts with companies in order to facilitate graduates’ access to suitable careers.

At last Thursday’s meeting Minister Valeri highlighted the very positive results of the Executive Unit since the creation of the Commission, stating a total of 134 partnerships have been signed with companies and 208 graduates, of whom 101 were of Monegasque nationality, found a job corresponding to their qualifications.

Of these, 89 were on permanent contracts, while 917 young graduates were received by the Commission, with an individual interview in order to be able, at the end of their training, to benefit from help in finding a first job.

Some 143 graduates have received an internship required by their training programme and 160 young graduates met and learned from professionals, in order to obtain their advice on certain specialisations. (Feature image: Facebook IUM)