Monaco strengthens fight against road nuisance during F1 and Top Marques

Photo: Facebook Gouvernement Monaco
Photo: Facebook Gouvernement Monaco

The Prince’s Government has reiterated its commitment to enforce respect for the rules of the highway code and its will to fight against all forms of road incivility, which not only carry the risk of accidents but also generate nuisances likely to degrade the quality of life of residents.

Some particularly popular events in Monaco can result in large pockets of traffic. This is often not programmed nor controlled by the event organisers on the fringes of which they take place, and are likely to cause significant challenges to public order by drivers who indulge in inappropriate and dangerous behaviour, the Government said in a statement on Tuesday, April 3.

In view of past nuisances, especially and during the 2017 edition of Top Marques, the Government of Monaco decided to strengthen the legal arsenal of repression of the offences committed, through the amendment of the Sovereign Ordinance. No. 1.691 of December 17, 1957, regulating the traffic police (Highway Code) and the issuance of a Ministerial Order regulating the period of immobilisation of vehicles on the occasion of certain events.

In its fight against the conduct of drivers who have committed offences and disturbed public order, the Directorate of Public Security now has the power to proceed, inter alia, to an immediate immobilisation of the offending vehicle for a period of 24 hours, which can be extended to 48 hours for certain specific events, including Top Marques and the Grand Prix.

These new provisions, agreed by the Prince’s Government, are intended to curb annoyances as much as possible and preserve the tranquillity and safety of the residents of Monaco.


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