Prince’s Orchestra prepares for Moscow performances

The Carabinieri Orchestra of HSH the Sovereign Prince has been invited to the Spasskaya Bashnya Festival in Moscow and has held its last practice sessions before flying to the Russian capital.

On the morning of Wednesday, August 22, at the Louis II Stadium the Orchestra, under the direction of Olivier Drean, practised for the last time its musical programme specially concocted for the “Spasskaya Bashnya” International Military Music Festival, due to take place on Red Square from August 24 to September 2.

This year, Russian military orchestras from the Navy, the Ministry of Defence, the Preobrazhensky Regiment, the Royal Overseas Orchestra of the Sultanate of Oman and the Sri Lankan Military Orchestra have been invited, 14 orchestras in total, seven of which are foreign.

Carabinieri orchestra

The Carabineros Orchestra will give 14 performances in its 12 days in Moscow in front of an audience composed each evening of 8,500 people. It will unveil its new repertoire on the theme of the ‘Changing of the Guard’. The Orchestra will also participate in newsstand concerts in Moscow parks and will perform in concert alone, in the afternoon, on Red Square.

The name of the Festival, “Spasskaya Bashnya” (St. Savior’s Tower) refers to the tower of the Kremlin topped by a clock that dominates Red Square.